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Historic Walking Tours of Logan, Ohio

Welcome to Logan, Ohio and scenic Hocking County.  These walking tours have been designed to assist you in learning about Logan’s cultural, historical and architectural heritage.  Each tour takes about 45 minutes to complete, and each starts at Worthington Park in downtown Logan, across from the courthouse.  Both tours take you through parts of the Logan Historic District, listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

GPS coordinates: 39° 32.398' N, 82° 24.542' W, WGS84

For information about and pictures of the points on the Downtown Tour, Click Here.
For information about and pictures of the points on the Hilltop Tour, Click Here.
These pages also include — for buildings in the Logan Historic District — their descriptions in the National Register of Historic Places.
For more details of the buildings on Main Street
in the downtown business district from High Street to Orchard Street,
Click Here.


This guide was created by Logan Town Center with support by a grant from the Hocking Hills Tourism Association.

We wish to thank the Hocking County Historical Society for their help in creating this walking tour of Logan.
Much of the information came from their original walking tour.

We also wish to thank the Logan Daily News for their help with the web and printed versions of this guide.
To see the printed guide in a Adobe Acrobat pdf version, click here.  (This is a large file: 20 MB.)

We strive to provide accurate information based on our research and sources.
However, due to the type of project this is, we cannot guarantee the information contained in this guide to be free of error.