Logan Town Center


Governing Board and Standing Committees

Organization is one of the four points of the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Main Street approach which work together to build a sustainable and complete community revitalization effort.  To quote the Trust's web page, “Organization involves getting everyone working toward the same goal and assembling the appropriate human and financial resources to implement a Main Street revitalization program.  A governing board and standing committees make up the fundamental organizational structure of the volunteer-driven program.  Volunteers are coordinated and supported by a paid program director as well.  This structure not only divides the workload and clearly delineates responsibilities, but also builds consensus and cooperation among the various stakeholders.”

According to Heritage Ohio, “Organization is the building of consensus and cooperation between the groups that play a role in the downtown.  Many individuals and organizations in the community have a stake in the economic viability of the downtown.”  Logan Town Center has made good progress on this point bringing together a board composed of the Mayor of Logan, one of the three Hocking County Commissioners and official or unofficial representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, the Hocking Hills Tourism Association, the Bowen House community arts and education center, and Logan in Bloom as well as downtown business and property owners.

Here is a list of Logan Town Center officers and board members:

Logan-Hocking Chamber of Commerce
Sheila Wolfe (740) 385-2140
Vice President
Jane McAdow (740) 385-3596
Vicki Hedges (740) 385-3340
Treasurer   Property Owner 
Marjorie Saving (740 385-5023
City of Logan
Mayor Greg Fraunfelter (740) 385-8310
Hocking County Commissioners
Sandra Ogle (740) 808-2665
Hocking Hills Tourism Association
Karen Raymore
(740) 385-2750
  ext. 222

Columbus Washboard Co. James Martin (740) 380-3828

Logan Transit Roger Stivison (740) 583-0322

Logan Daily News Debra Tobin (740) 385-2107

Logan In Bloom, et al.
Rick Webb (740) 603-1926

John Woltz, DO (740) 385-0202

Officers and members of other organizations, such as the Hocking County Historical Society, are also actively involved in Logan Town Center.  Click here for a membership form for you or your business.

There are 4 standing committees, each chaired by a board member (whose contact information is listed above).
The Membership Committee is chaired by Sheila Wolfe.  Members include Vicki Hedges and Marjorie Saving.
The Marketing Committee is chaired by Karen Raymore.  Members include James Martin, Roger Stivison and Vicki Hedges.
The Events Committee is chaired by Mayor Fraunfelter.  Members include Marsha James, Marjorie Moore, and Sandy Ogle.
The Political Action Committee is chaired by Jane McAdow.  Members include Deb Tobin and Rick Webb.

Additionally there are two ad-hoc committees:
The Lighting Committee chaired by Shaun North, and
The Mentors/Guidance Committee chaired by board member Rick Webb.

We have not yet found the resources to fund a paid program director to coordinate and support the work of our volunteers, but this remains a priority goal of Logan Town Center.

General responsibilities of a Membership and Development Committee
(as recommended by Heritage Ohio in their Main Street Board Handbook (© Downtown Ohio, Inc. 2002)):

Much of the success of the local Main Street program and the viability of the organization will depend on its ability to recruit and develop new leadership, to stay in close touch with its supporters, to meet its supporters needs and to involve and mobilize a large number of volunteers in the program's activities.  This is an intense, ongoing effort that requires diligent work all year round by one committee – the Membership and Development Committee – established to meet several needs of the organization:

Specific functions:
The tasks of the Membership and Development Committee are so important that many local Main Street programs divide its responsibilities into three standing subcommittees: