2013 Action Plan

January 18th, 2013

Logan Town Center’s board has just adopted the 2013 Action Plan, and now they are asking for input, support and assistance from all members of the community.

There are several ways you can provide input to the board on the Action Plan: you can phone members of the board; or e-mail most of them (their phone numbers and e-mail addresses are on the Organization page); or you can leave a comment to this blog post. To make a suggestion or comment, go to “Leave a Reply,” below; or select either the link below that indicates the number of “Comments,” or that reads “leave a response.”

Logan Historic District in May Echoes

May 10th, 2011

“Homage to Clay” is the headline for a full page article about Logan Historic District in the May issue of the Ohio Historical Society’s monthly members’ newsletter, Echoes. Here is a brief excerpt:

Vintage commercial and public buildings, churches and residential streets spread out from the core in nearly all directions, illustrating Logan’s growth and prosperity, especially during the period from 1870 to 1930….

Logan was a center of the clay-products industry. … Locally made glazed tile blocks; bricks in a variety of colors and glazes; rusticated concrete blocks; and paving bricks appear throughout the Logan Historic District. They give it an artistic quality and serve as a physical reminder of Logan’s industrial history….

The article is illustrated with three pictures from the documentation for the District’s listing on the National Register of Historic Places:

Many of the buildings in downtown Logan were built during its heyday as a center of the clay-products industry and are faced with locally made bricks in a variety of distinctive colors and glazes.

First Presbyterian Church of Logan, built of rock-faced bricks and blocks molded to look like stone.

To learn more the article suggests seeing the Logan Historic District nomination at www.ohiohistory.org/logan. In addition to the parts of the nomination on the Ohio Historical Society web site, our web site has all of the 119 contemporary photographs and the map showing all of the contributing and non-contributing buildings, that documented the nomination. These can be seen at logantowncenter.com/historic.

An alley in the Logan Historic District, surfaced with locally made pavers.

Kudos to Ruby Hartley, LTC Member

February 2nd, 2011

Mrs. Hartley, owner of Southeastern Ohio Home Health & Staffing Solutions, Inc., was honored with a Keys to Success Award from the Ohio Department of Development and associated entities.  She was one of eleven Ohio women business owners to receive the 2010 award at a ceremony on November 18 in Columbus.  This award recognizes her hard work and dedication as a business entrepreneur, and also calls attention to Hocking County.  USA Today covered her in their November 24 edition in an article titled “Ohio Woman Lives Her American Dream.”

Tombstone Travels in Old Logan Cemetery

November 3rd, 2010

History was brought to life on the night before Halloween as several of our contemporaries portrayed deceased Logan residents of an earlier era. To see pictures of this event, click here.

Below are listed the participants — living and dead — and Logan Town Center’s  active partners who helped make this event possible.

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August 13th, 2010

The important link between walkability and sustainable communities was the subject of a passionate and researched presentation given by Logan native and LHS alum Aaron Ogle in July at the Sandstone.  All heads were nodding in agreement with his comments.  Aaron is a software designer in Philadelphia.  As lead programmer, he led a team that has developed www.walkshed.org.

If you missed Aaron’s presentation, you can view the slide-show that outlined and illustrated his presentation, and get an idea of some great strides we can all take in our very own communities.  (The slide-show is a large (6mb) pdf file.)

Little Cities of Black Diamonds Exhibit

July 7th, 2010

Logan Town Center is now hosting an exhibit Diamonds in the Rough, the Legacy of Coal Mining in Ohio’s Hill Country displayed in the windows of the former Elberfeld Department Store, 79 West Main street. This is the first of two installments; the second will be displayed later this summer.
For more details on this exhibit and the history of these neighboring communities, see the article that appeared in this Saturday’s (July 3rd) Logan Daily News.

Revitalizing Logan’s historic downtown bearing fruit for Hocking Hills community

April 27th, 2010

A feature story in Sunday’s (April 25th) Columbus Dispatch tells of signs of progress by many individuals and groups in the continuing process of revitalizing our small city.  I left out of the headline for this post the phrase “slow process” and the word “finally” from the article’s headline, but reluctantly I have to admit they are part of the story.

The story is posted on the paper’s web site: www.dispatch.com.

Pocket Parks

January 23rd, 2010

A few LTC members got our engines revved up on a recent road trip to Zanesville. Thanks to Dana Matz, their Downtown Manager & Carol Humphreys, the MCB Incubator Director, for generously sharing their time and expertise. The photo is a wonderful Pocket Park created by a downtown property owner to remove a blighted eyesore behind the first building she purchased and renovated.

Comment on the Report of the DART Visit

June 26th, 2009

You can read the report from Heritage Ohio’s Downtown Assessment Resource Team (DART) written after their visit to Logan in March.  Then you can comment on the report in general here, or you can make more focused comments on the 200 observations and recommendations contained in the report by going to the special blog posts for these items.

To access the report and the special blog go to logantowncenter.com/dartrpt1.html.

Thank you for contributing your thoughts.

Historic District proposed to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

June 18th, 2009

The first week of June, Logan Town Center’s historic preservation consultants submitted an application for listing a Logan Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.

The application is described at <logantowncenter.com/design/NRHistDistrictMain.html>.
More detailed maps are available at <logantowncenter.com/design/NRHistDistrictMaps.html>.
Descriptions of what a National Register Historic District is and what the implications are for us as individuals and as a community can be found at <logantowncenter.com/design/NRHistDistrictFAQs.html>.

I hope you will look at this material and then come back to this blog and post your comments, questions or corrections.

Thank you.

Bob Wasson